The Russian War Crimes Project : Gathering Evidence

In cooperation with Yahad-In Unum

On February 24, the Russian Federation launched a war against Ukraine. The aggressor country is committing horrific mass killings and other crimes against civilians in Mariupol, Kharkiv, Mykolayiv, and all over Ukraine. Several Ukrainian cities are already in ruins.

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Our Goal

"The Russian War Crimes Project: Gathering Evidence" has been launched by the French Organization Yahad – In Unum with the aim to collect and document the crimes of the Russian Federation against the civilian Ukrainian population. Our goal is to present evidence to the International Criminal Court, as well as to the prosecutor's offices of leading European countries that have already launched their own investigations. The investigation aims at bringing Russia to justice for its crimes.

Who conducts the project?

Yahad – In Unum founded by Father Patrick Desbois

The investigation is led by the French organization Yahad - In Unum founded by the Catholic priest Father Patrick Desbois in 2004. Yahad – In Unum has carefully documented the genocide of Jews, Roma, and other mass crimes committed by the Nazis during World War II in various parts of Eastern Europe and also gathers the proves of the mass crimes committed in Guatemala against the indigenous people and since 2014, the organization investigates in Iraq to gather the testimonies of the Yazidi survivors. The organization has already conducted 195 research trips to 11 Eastern European countries including 74 in Ukraine and identified more than 3,100 murder sites. The Russian War Crimes Project: Gathering Evidence is supported by the Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center, a non-governmental organization that has been studying the history of the Holocaust in Ukraine since 2016, one of the worst crimes against humanity.
About investigator

Become a witness for justice

Every Ukrainian is now a witness to the horrific crimes of the Russian Federation. If you have witnessed Russian troops shelling a peaceful neighborhood or destroying civilian infrastructure, your testimony will be very helpful in the investigation. Yahad-In Unum guarantees witnesses complete confidentiality. Personal data may be transferred only to the court or prosecutor's office of the country conducting the investigation against Russia, with the consent of the witness. Evidence will not be published to the general public or shared with the media. The organization carefully checks the information received and provides it exclusively to the International Criminal Court and the Prosecutor's Office of the European Union to file lawsuits against the Russian Federation. We would be very grateful if you could grant a Zoom interview to our researchers. Your testimony is the most important evidence because testimonies from non-governmental organizations have the greatest weight in court.

“Everybody knows that for justice an eyewitness is key to confront denial by Putin and his helpers. The voices of the witnesses must be saved to confront crimes committed by Russians.”

Patrick Desbois

Founder and president of Yahad – In Unum

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